Vegetable Dishes and Side Dishes

Lea Cross Tandoori Restaurant, Lea Cross Shrewsbury - Vegetable Dishes and Side Dishes Menu 
Vegetable Dishes           Vegetable Side Dishes         
A combination of spices fried together and cooked with onions, dhonya in a delicate flavoured sauce   A side dish is highly recommended to accompany your meal. We have selected the following dishes to compliment the meal that you have ordered.  
 Naga Vegetable  £6.95    Banana Spice  £2.75  
 Vegetable Jalfrazy  £6.95    Fried Mushrooms  £3.25  
 Allo Saag Chana  £6.50    Chana Mossalla  £3.25  
 Aloo Mushrooms Madras  £6.50    Chana Bhaji (chick peas medium or hot with chilli)  £3.25  
 Sabji Piaz Mirchi  £6.95    Mixed Vegetable Curry  £3.25  
 Vegetable Selon  £6.95    Tarka Dhall (lentils)  £3.25  
 Methi Mossalla  £6.95    Mixed Vegetable Bhaji  £3.25  
 Vegetable Cheesy  £6.95    Bhindi Bhaji (okra)  £3.25  
 Balti Allo Saag  £6.50    Brinjal Bhaji (aubergine)  £3.25  
 Vegetable Karai  £6.95    Mushrooms Bhaji  £3.25  
 Balti Mix Mossalla  £6.95    Cauliflower Bhaji  £3.25  
 Paneer Passanda  £7.95    Bombay Potato  £3.25  
       Saag Bhaji (spinach)  £3.75  
       Aloo Saag Chana (chick peas mild)  £3.95  
       Mutter Paneer (peas & Indian cheese)  £3.75  
       Saag Paneer (spinach & Indian cheese)  £3.75  
       Curry Sauce  £1.95  
       Mossalla Sauce  £2.50