Lea Cross Tandoori Restaurant, Lea Cross Shrewsbury - Appetizers Menu 
Onion Bhaji
Finely sliced onions in spicy batter fried
 £3.25        Mixed Kebab
Consist of chicken, lamb tikka and sheek kebab
Somosa (meat/veg)
Triangular pastry stuffed with lightly spiced minced meat or veg
 £3.25   Sheek Kebab
Lightly spiced minced meat grilled in the tandoor
Assorted Vegetable
Consists of onion bhajee, veg somosa and fried potato
 £4.50   Chilli Sheek Kebab
Hot with green chillies
Prawns Cocktail  £3.25   Shami Kebab
Finely spiced minced meat pan fried with variety of different herbs and spices
Tandoori Fish
White fish marinated in freshly grounded spices and fried.
 £3.95   Nargis Kebab
Spiced minced meat surrounding a boiled egg deep fried, served with an omelette
Duck Tikka
Duck breast lightly spiced and grilled in the tandoor
 £3.95   Reshmi Kebab
Finely spiced minced meat served with an omelette
Chicken / Lamb Tikka
Lightly spiced and grilled in the tandoor
£3.50   Tandoori King Prawn
Fresh water king prawns marinated in yoghurt sauce and cooked in the tandoor
Paneer Tikka
Lightly spiced and grilled in the tandoor (Indian Cheese)
 £3.50   King Prawn Butterfly
King prawn delicately spiced, seasoned, coated with breadcrumbs then deep fried
Tangri Chicken
Chicken tikka wrapped in golden breadcrumbs and deep fried
 £3.50   King Prawn on Puree  £5.95  
Tandoori Chicken
Tender piece of chicken marinated in mild spices with yoghurt, grilled in the tandoor
 £3.50   Garlic Mushrooms on Puree
Medium or hot with green chillies
Chicken Pakora
Chicken dipped in spicy gram flour batter and deep fried
 £3.50   Potato Balls
Lightly spiced mashed potato wrapped in breadcrumbs and deep fried
Chicken Chaat 
Pieces of chicken cooked in a sauce known as chaat massalla
 £3.50       Stuffed Pepper (meat/veg)
Chicken, Vegetable, Prawn, Chana & Allo on Puree
Cooked in a sweet and sour sauce and served with fried bread