Biryani Dishes

Lea Cross Tandoori Restaurant, Lea Cross Shrewsbury - Biryani Dishes Menu 
Biryani Dishes          
Biryani dishes are preparations of rice with saffron, almond flakes, sultanas, bay leaves, herbs.
Served with veg curry to complete the dish. An ideal dish for those inexperienced to oriental cuisine.
Kashmiri Murgee Biryani (prunes & pineapple)  £9.50        
Persian Chicken Biryani (banana & omelette)  £9.50        
Duck Tikka Biryani  £10.95        
House Special Biryani (chicken, lamb & prawns)  £9.50        
King Prawn Biryani  £14.95        
Beef Biryani  £10.95        
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Biryani  £9.50        
Chicken, Lamb, or Prawns Biryani  £8.95        
Tandoori Chicken Biryani  £9.50        
Chicken & Mushrooms Biryani  £9.50        
Vegetable Biryani  £7.95        
Mushroom Biryani  £7.95        
Mushroom & Potato Biryani  £7.95        
Paneer Tikka Biryani  £8.95        
Paneer Dishes (Indian Cheese)
Paneer Tikka Marinated and served sizzling on a bed on onions.  £7.95        
House Special Panir Chilli
Green chilli, mushroom, pineapple and dhonya. Hot and sweet
Balti Paneer  Medium onion and tomatoes 
PLEASE NOTE: Most dishes on our menu can be cooked with Paneer          
Please ask and we will advise accordingly