Traditional Popular Dishes

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Traditional Popular Dishes          
A selection of popular dishes recognized by everyone and which have been enjoyed by generation of curry lovers. Each and every individual chef has their own interpretation of how these dishes are prepared. From the golden age of British Indian cuisine nearly all curry chef have stayed with the same formula. Although the taste may vary from chef to chef but the old favourite stayed the same
Fish   £9.95        
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn   £7.25        
Beef   £7.95        
Chicken Tikka   £7.75        
Lamb Tikka   £7.95        
King Prawn  £13.95        
Duck Tikka   £8.95        
Keema (minced lamb)   £7.25        
Tandoori Chicken (shredded)   £7.75        
Potato and Mushrooms   £6.50        
Mixed Vegetable   £6.50        
Paneer (Indian Cheese)   £7.95        
All the above can be cooked in a curry sauce of your choice from the selection below:
Curry Dishes (Medium, madras or vindaloo, please specify)
A south Indian version of the dishes produced from a wide range of oriental spices giving a rich flavour.

Rogan Josh  - Here the characteristic of the dish is derived from the use of tomatoes and onion fried in spiced gee to produce a dish of medium strength.

Dupiaza - A briskly fried preparation of fresh onion, dhonya, cinnamon, bay leaf, cardamoms that produces a delicious taste of medium strength.

Dhansak - A dish of Persian origin cooked with lentils, to create medium tasting dish which derives piquant riches from spiced gee, lemon and fresh spices to taste sweet and sour.

Kurma  - Preparation mild spices with fresh cream used to create to delicate flavour very mild.

Bhuna - A combination of mild spices fried together and cooked with capsicum, onion, tomatoes.

Pathia - This dish is slightly hot, sweet and sour well spiced and cooked in thick soup.

Kashmiri - A  preparation of mild spices cooked with banana, pineapple and cream.