Balti Dishes

Lea Cross Tandoori Restaurant, Lea Cross Shrewsbury - Balti Dishes Menu 
Balti Dishes          
The balti dishes are cooked in Punjab style with fresh dhonya, methi, and tomato to create the
dish and its unique flavour, best eaten with bread recommended as an accompaniment.
Any vegetables (eg. Aloo, Chana, Peas etc) can be added for an extra charge
Balti Chicken or Meat   £7.25        
Balti Prawn   £7.25        
Balti Beef   £7.95        
Balti Chicken Tikka   £7.75        
Balti Chicken Saag   £7.95        
Balti Chicken Mushrooms   £7.95        
Balti Chicken Chilli   £7.95        
Balti Duck   £8.95        
Balti Lamb Tikka   £7.95        
Balti Keema Peas (medium or hot with chillies)   £7.50        
Beef Chilli Balti   £8.95        
Beef Mushroom Balti   £8.95        

Beef Saag Balti

Beef Aloo Balti   £8.95        
Balti King Prawn  £14.50        
Balti King Prawn Saag  £14.50        
Balti Special (Mix of Chicken, Lamb & Prawn)   £7.95