Lea Cross Specialities

Lea Cross Tandoori Restaurant, Lea Cross Shrewsbury - Specialities Menu 
Lea Cross Specialities                    
The following dished are highly recommended by our chef because of the fine balance of herbs and spices, blended with a variety of other natural ingredients to create a sauce, which precisely complement and enhance the flavour of the meat. (All the dishes listed below can be cooked in meat, fish, or vegetable of yours choice, prices will vary, please ask a member of staff).
House Special Beef or Duck Chilli
Cooked with green chillies, mushrooms, pineapple and dhonya, hot and sweet
 £8.95   Chicken Tikka Selon
Chicken cooked in a sauce which has been extensively prepared with lemon juice and tomatoes spicy
Karai Beef or Duck
Succulent pieces of duck tikka or beef cooked with capsicum, onion and tomatoes
 £8.95   House Special Chicken Chilli
Chicken tikka cooked with green chillies, pineapple, and mushrooms and dhonya hot and sweet
Duck Tikka Mossalla
Marinated pieces of duck served in an aromatic rich sauce
 £8.95   House Special Mossalla
A mixture of king prawn chicken, lamb tikka cooked in a mild rich sauce
Beef or Duck Tikka Jalfrazy
A hot dish of duck cooked with green chillies and herbs
 £8.95   Chicken Cheesy
Chicken marinated and grilled cooked in mild sauce with mushrooms and white wine
Beef or Duck Rosun Mirchi
Duck cooked with garlic green chillies in a thick sauce fairly hot
 £8.95   Saag Tikka Special (medium or hot)
Marinated chicken cooked with fresh spinach and garlic to create a mouth watering authentic dish
King Prawn Naga
A spicy dish of king prawn cooked in a sauce made out of naga chillies to give the dish a distinctive flavour, (spicy or very hot)
 £14.50   Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka Mossalla
Marinated pieces of chicken, or lamb cooked in an aromatic rich sauce
King Prawn Sarson
Garlic and ginger lightly fried in olive oil with spring onion, mushrooms and spinach to create a unique dish, (medium or hot)
 £14.50   Chicken Tikka Jalfrazy 
A hot dish of chicken cooked with onion and green chillies and herbs
King Prawn Mossalla
King prawn cooked in an aromatic rich sauce
 £14.50   Kholee Molee 
Marinated chicken lightly spiced cooked with coconut, almond and green herbs
Jinga Rosun Mirchi
King prawn cooked with garlic and green chillies in a thick sauce fairly hot
 £14.50   Chicken or Lamb Badham Passanda 
Mild dish of succulent chicken or lamb served in a delicate sauce with almond and cream
Jinga Saag
A favourite combination of Malaysian prawns, spinach and garlic
 £14.50   Chicken Makani 
Pieces of mildly spiced chicken cooked with Indian cheese in a creamy sauce
Karai (chicken or lamb)
Succulent pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with capsicum, onion and tomatoes
 £7.95   Butter Chicken 
Shredded tandoori chicken cooked in butter based sauce mild
Neem Kurma
A kurma with a hot taste based on classical mughal cuisine. Chicken pieces are marinated in an assortment of spices, cooked with sliced chillies and garlic in a delicately flavoured creamy sauce
 £7.95   Maharaja (Chicken or Lamb) 
A delicate medium curry distinctively flavoured with fenugreek and dhonya leaves
Bengal Special
Marinated grilled chicken cooked with minced lamb, spring onion and fresh coriander, (medium or hot)
 £8.95   Murgee Mossalla 
Shredded chicken cooked with minced meat in a medium sauce with egg, (medium or hot with chillies)
Althoo Rosun Mirchi (chicken or lamb tikka)
Fresh garlic, ginger, green chillies, cooked together in a thick sauce
 £7.95   Balti Shashlic (chicken or lamb)  
(duck, king prawn or fish - price will vary)
Chunky pieces of onion, tomato, green pepper cooked together in a sauce (medium or hot with chillies